The next generation of security

In recent days it has become increasingly clear just how vulnerable businesses are to cyber hacking, evasive malware and ransomware attacks.

With everything connected and interconnected, data has become easier to access from a single point meaning security has become more important than ever.

With the rampant rise in cybercrimes – over 1700 significant data breaches in 2016 alone – it is no longer a question of what if it happens to us, but rather are we prepared for when it does.

Welcome to the next generation of security

We can no longer rely on software and network security to be enough to protect endpoints across an organisation, we have to start the design for security from hardware up. This means that today choosing a device, even a printer, is a security decision.

HP has been a leader in endpoint device security for over two decades, pioneering research, driving security standards with industry partners, and raising the bar of personal computer and print security, with many industry firsts.

Introducing HP’s new range of printers that detect and block hackers

HP has launched its new range of Multi-function printers in South Africa. The full portfolio of these printers includes HP’s enterprise LaserJet and PageWide Enterprise printers, which feature multiple layers of defences to keep any hacker out.

Printer Security Features 

Initial Startup

  • HP Sure Start  –  The first step of the startup lifecycle is to load the BIOS which performs hardware initialization during the boot process. This works behind the scenes, validating the integrity of the device’s BIOs. If a compromised version is discovered, the device restarts using a “golden copy” of its BIOs.
  • Whitelisting  –  The second step in the startup is to ensure that the device only loads HP-authentic code. Whitelisting helps ensure the code that coordinates your printer’s functions, controls and security hasn’t been tampered with, because compromised firmware can expose your entire network to an attack.
  • Updateable Firmware/Software  –  HP ensures that only known firmware is updated on the device. This requires the firmware to be hashed, ensuring that the firmware has not been tampered with and signing the hash using an HP-protected Private Key to ensure that the updated code is HP authentic code.

Ongoing Operation

  • Run-time Intrusion Detection  –  This monitors memory activity to continually detect and stop attacks. This technology checks for anomalies during complex firmware and memory operations, automatically stops attack, and reboots.
  • Connection Inspector  –  This technology inspects outbound network connections to determine what is normal and stops any suspicious activity. If the printer detects any network anomaly, it automatically triggers a reboot to initiate HP SureStart self-healing procedures, and if configured, sends security events to SIEM tools, all without any intervention.
  • HP JetAdvantage Security Manager  –  JetAdvantage Security Manager is a policy-based security compliance tool that makes it easy to secure a customer’s fleet of printers. This Security Manager applies an easy-to-understand security policy to the fleet, handling printer differences effectively, and periodically assessing compliance and automatically remediating a printer, if needed. A customer can customize the security policy to meet their specific needs and can manage up to 10,000 printers with daily monitoring.
  • HP Smart Device Services  –  The new Multi-function Printer range also feature HP’s Smart Device Services, cloud tools and smart sensing capabilities, which are all designed to enhance service experience. These tools help monitor and diagnose service needs to minimise downtime and cut costs.

At Introstat, we understand that not all clients’ security needs are the same. That is why we work closely with our customers to configure and integrate the right systems to match their needs.

We believe that endpoint security is key to knowing your devices are protected, your web browsing is safe, and your private info is secured by multi-factor authentication. The office of the future should be a place where people can move around, be creative and productive inside and outside that office environment, and always know they’re protected. It’s this powerful vision for security that keeps businesses a step ahead of threats and lets people focus on the opportunities ahead.

For more information on how HP and Introstat can protect your business call us.

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