Gain visibility & control with our Managed Print Services that boost productivity and could save up to 35% on your current printing costs.

We offer outsourced printing solutions for small business to large enterprises. Let our expert staff assess your needs and customise a Managed Print Solution (MPS) for your business.

By opting for Managed Print Services, you’re choosing clear and consistent rules and comprehensive print policies that should reduce waste and costs. You’re ensuring that you’ll always have “the right printer for the right job”. You’re optimising your asset utilisation and right-sizing your printer fleet. Finally, you’re reducing your operating costs and Total Cost of Ownership, while effectively consolidating your costs.

A Managed Print Solution could include:
  • Printers and Multi-functional devices.
  • Outright Purchase or Rental options.
  • Consumables charged on a cost per printed page basis.
  • Document management software for managing print consumable usage, security breaches, fault detection.

Our services can include surveys / auditing, archiving & storing, cost tracking, proactive consumables management and service, and support and maintenance.