Introstat, a company founded in 1989, is a Value-added IT Solution provider with offices and distribution centers in Johannesburg, Cape Town and Durban.

As a Vendor-certified IT Solution provider, Introstat understands the importance of utilising the right IT equipment when and where you need it the most to propel your business into the future. We understand that you need more than just a supplier – you need a reliable and trustworthy partner who can guide you through the technological revolution – whether you need individual products or an all-inclusive managed service package that covers all your business IT solutions and printing needs.

We have built and maintained strong, unique relationships with our suppliers and customers over the years, allowing  our customers to feel confident in our ability to maintain and serve them on a national basis.

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Think you might want to work for Introstat? We are always searching for talented individuals with experience in the fields of IT & Sales.

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Introstat is a multi-vendor, value-added solutions provider with branches and distribution centres in Johannesburg, Durban and Cape Town. Our strong distribution network ensures that we can deliver products straight to your door, anywhere in South Africa.

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Introstat is a proud Level 1 BBBEE contributor. This status enables you to claim 135% of your spend with us towards your BBBEE procurement target. We offer favourable payment terms to black owned, black empowered and black engendered Small Micro and Medium Enterprises (SMMEs).

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You need a reliable and trustworthy partner who can guide you through the technological evolution.

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The benefits of Unified Communications

Unified Communications or UC as it is commonly referred to has been a trendy buzz word in the ICT space for a few years now, but what is it and how does it benefit my business? UC is by definition exactly what it states to be, unifying all forms of business communication into one common…

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Act responsibly, think sustainability

FROM THE DESK OF THE CEO: At Introstat, we care about environmental issues, and we are committed to reducing our impact on the environment. Our goal is to reduce our carbon footprint by 10% in the next 5 years. What we’ve done so far in 2022: Talk to us today about returning and recycling your…

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Let’s Go Green

FROM THE DESK OF THE CEO: Environmental impact is a hot topic these days. All of us should be working on reducing our impact on the environment, to create a sustainable world for ourselves and future generations. Each of us has a carbon footprint. Your carbon footprint is the amount of carbon dioxide emissions resulting…

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We only supply the best, trusted IT brands available.