Let’s Go Green

FROM THE DESK OF THE CEO: Environmental impact is a hot topic these days. All of us should be working on reducing our impact on the environment, to create a sustainable world for ourselves and future generations. Each of us has a carbon footprint. Your carbon footprint is the amount of carbon dioxide emissions resulting …

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Unified Communications Solution

The global pandemic has been an accelerator for many businesses, forcing them to understand and implement mobile working solutions and decentralising their workforces by enabling their staff to work from home. Overnight, companies had to mobilise their staff to work remotely whilst still maintaining the customer experience. Companies quickly realised that implementing a scalable Unified …

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HP 2020 Sustainable Impact Partner of the Year award

Introstat takes pride in being the HP 2020 Sustainable Impact Partner of the Year Award winner. We continue to inspire and be inspired. Today and in the future, we are committed to driving even greater strategic development, and enable our customers to protect the future through our sustainable portfolio of products and services.

Make better storage decisions

Avoid the risk of losing all your data and digital content when your computer is damaged – Get an effective and portable backup solution offered in an external hard drive. What is an external hard drive? An external hard drive is a portable storage device exchanging data between computers and store digital content. Understanding how …

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