Features to consider when purchasing a printer

A client’s expectations can become demanding, and meeting deadlines can be near to impossible at times. However, having the right equipment at the right time can boost productivity and help you move projects forward at an alarming rate.

Choosing the right printer for both home and office-use depends on the features made readily available in the device. To increase productivity, here are some features to consider when purchasing a printer:

High-speed quality

The waiting period for a document can be the deciding factor between a happy and frustrated team. A printer will vary in speed depending on the type of printout; for example, if your document is text or imagery. Printers can produce between 20 – 80 pages per minute depending on the printer’s function, which is beneficial for great workloads. A personal decision should be made on the number of pages you would like the printer to print out before purchasing.

Quality Output

The quality output is measured in dots per inch. It is important to choose a printer that produces the required quality standards of your documents; therefore, you should consider a printer with a higher resolution. A good minimum standard to start at for a printer is 800 dpi.


Printers have two functionalities: Single and multifunction. The single function can be sufficient for a home-user or someone seeking to only print documents, whereas multifunctional printers are suited for businesses or individuals who need to scan and print documents, make photocopies, and send faxes.

Wireless Printing

As technology evolves, so does our need for more efficient devices become more demanding. With the increase of mobility in the workplace, you need the freedom to print from anywhere, therefore you should choose a printer that is Wi-Fi enabled, allowing you to print on the go.

There are many factors to consider when buying a printer. The top features mentioned above will provide a starting point for making the right choice. Check out our range of printers to get you started!