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Avoid the risk of losing all your data and digital content when your computer is damaged – Get an effective and portable backup solution offered in an external hard drive.

What is an external hard drive?

An external hard drive is a portable storage device exchanging data between computers and store digital content.

Understanding how a drive is measured

Digital content is measured against the size of a file. Document sizes are considerably small whereas pictures, music and videos are relatively greater in size.

Why do you need an external hard drive?

Backing up your data and important files regularly to an external hard drive means that in case a loss of data or damage of a computer occurs, an external hard drive will hold a copy of storing valuable information. It is an easy-to-use solution if you are required to add storage to your computer or take files on the go.

It is important to keep your external hard drive device in a safe place once data is transferred from your computer.


One of the many benefits of an external hard drive is that it is portable, carrying it from one place to another without it taking up much space. The convenience of plug in and play will help increase productivity and provide the instant support required without the installation of any drivers.


External Hard drives are practical and easy to use. They require a simple plug in approach using the USB port in your laptop. The drive is easily detected and automatically supported on a Mac or Windows operating system. It is easy to drag and drop files to the portable drive and is accessible when the data you stored is needed.

Introstat can make storing data much easier.

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