HP's New OfficeJet Pro X

Why the OfficeJet Pro X is one of HP's most preferred & recommended printers.
HP has designed the new HP OfficeJet Pro X series especially for the Small to Medium Business (SMB) Market in mind and is being promoted as "Twice the speed and half the cost of colour lasers”.

HP is targeting unmanaged small businesses with 5-49 employees as well as managed small and medium-sized businesses with the new HP Officejet X Pro series.

For the first time, HP is offering an office page-wide desktop inkjet product. According to HP, their PageWide Technology offers users the performance associated with lasers with the vivid colour of HP pigment inks and best-in-class price for performance, while outperforming low- and mid-range colour laser printers in cost, speed, and energy efficiency.

The office market has been dominated by laser-based technology, but the introduction of page-wide inkjet devices can change how customers view inkjet technology.

HP Officejet Pro X series gains its speed advantage through the page-wide array, which is also referred to as the “print bar”, allowing it to print up to 70 pages per minute. Remember these are page per minute counts in full colour, victoriously cancelling out many laser printers in terms of pages per minute.

A major benefit is the thermal system found in the Officejet Pro X, a feature usually reserved for laser printers. This compared with the pigmented ink allow for crisp and dry prints the instant that they emerge from the printer. Inkjets typically pause between pages of heavy colour to allow drying time.

Another advantage according to HP is that the printheads are designed to last the lifetime of the printer, ensuring its durability & cost saving capability.

The supplies in the new printers use pigment inks based on new formulations that are different from its HP OfficeJet Pro 8600 counterparts. These new inks needed to be fast-drying, long-lasting, and smear resistant, resulting in prints whose ink doesn’t smear under a highlighter or run if water is spilled onto the page. Traditional inkjet inks use dyes for colourant, where LaserJet toner uses pigment for colouring.

Another difference is much larger ink wells, which are better suited for the volume of an office. Each set of XL colour ink cartridges is rated for approximately 6,600 pages of life and the XL black cartridge is rated for approximately 9,200 pages (at a standard 5% page coverage).

The OfficeJet Pro X gets our thumbs up for introducing technology innovations and adding value to the business environment.

The OfficeJet Pro X Series includes the following 4 models to choose from:

  • HP OfficeJet Pro X576dw MFP

  • HP Officejet Pro X476dn MFP

  • HP Officejet Enterprise X585 MFP series
HP Officejet Enterprise x585dn MFP

  • HP Officejet Enterprise X555 MFP series
HP Officejet Enterprise x585dn MFP

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