How to clean your PC Monitor

Below are some easy steps and tricks for you to follow to clean your PC / notebook screen or TV safely.

What to do?

1. Switch your screen off before you clean:

A dark screen makes it easier to spot the areas that are dirty.
Wait until your monitor has cooled down. Warm devices are more difficult to clean and to get rid of smudges.

2.  Remove loose dust:

Preferably using a can of compressed air to blow away dust, the goal here is not to touch the screen or as little as possible.  Using compressed air prevents dust being dragged across your monitor which can lead to scratches.

3.  Use a dry cloth:

After clearing most of the dust use a dry cloth to wipe down your monitor. Be sure to use a microfiber cloth, the same type of material as used to clean eyewear or sunglasses.
When wiping down ensure the cloth is completely dry and don’t apply too much pressure as this could damage your monitor.

4. Use a cleaning solution:

Only in the case where dirt cannot be removed use distilled water or a 50/50 mix of distilled water and white vinegar. Damp the cloth with the solution and apply where needed only.
If you have screen wipes or spray made specifically for monitors, you can use this.

5. Wipe your monitor:

When wiping your monitor use straight directional wipes from left to right or up and down.

6. Clean the frame and plastic:

Multipurpose cleaner can be used to wipe down the plastic edges (frame) of the monitor but avoid touching the screen itself.

7. Dry:

Gently dry your monitor again with a dry microfiber cloth and be sure that the screen is completely dry before switching the monitor on.

What not to do!

1. Avoid making circular motions when wiping, buffing the screen can cause buffed out spots and whirl marks across the screen.
2. Never apply water or moisture directly onto the monitor, always on the cloth first.  Applying directly to the screen can cause the solution to run and permanently damage the monitor.
3. Avoid using all paper, paper towels, tissue and toilet paper - these materials will scratch your screen.
4. Do not use chemicals or cleaning solutions containing ammonia, ethyl alcohol, acetone or ethyl acetate – these may react with the materials that the monitor is made from or coated with which can permanently discolor your screen.

Hope these tips are usefull.

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