8 Steps To Protect Yourself Online.

1.Get a safer password.
Do not use actual words.
Try the 1st letter of each word in a phrase you’ll remember, plus non-aphanumerics. ~Giranamonorss!

2. Check the URL.

Once you’re on a website, check the displayed URL is EXACTLY the same as the one you typed in — not a different or "new" one.

3. Lock that laptop!

Remember - Windows+L takes you there in a microsecond.

4. Don’t hit that cancel button
when another update comes in. These include security fixes: if you don’t run them, you’re vulnerable.

5. Encrypt first.

Downloading data to a USB stick?
Play safe — we all know how easy it is to lose a thumb drive

6. Unexpected

Check the sender, and the file extension. GIF, JPG, TIF, MPG, MP3 and WAV are safest. Watch out for .EXE files and double extensions filename.gif.exe.

7. Don’t oversocialise.

Keep your professional and your social lives separate, and don’t give away ANY company information on social networking sites.

8. Lost your smartphone?

Activate remote lock/wipe, and tell your IT Department RIGHT AWAY, even if it's your own phone but you sometimes use it for work.

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