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10 Reasons why SMB's should choose and use Office 365

Independent professionals and small and midsize businesses have to do more with less. It is about staying close to your customers, focusiong on your differentiators, and being more agile that your competition. In reaching these objectives Office 365 can help you with a low cost, feature rich and fimiliar Microsoft Office experience.

Office 365 delivers a full-featured, business-centric online productivity experience. It is designed from the ground up to meet business requirements for security, privacy, reliability, and manageability. Here are ten good reasons to get Office 365 for your business.

1. Ensure the privacy of your business information

Your private business information should be just that—private. And, your customers and partners trust you with
their sensitive information. Office 365 provides enhanced security by design with our state-of-the-art data centers,
premium anti-spam and antivirus protection, and encrypted anywhere access to data.

Office 365:  Get peace of mind with enterprise-grade security built in, as well as the knowledge that your data will not be scanned for advertising purposes.

  • Microsoft is invested in providing secure data centers and services, easing your mind with separate architecture for consumer and business services.
  • Office 365 does not provide ambiguity in our privacy statements about the usage of your data, allowing businesses to maintain control of their information.

2. Work virtually anytime, anywhere

In today’s always-on business world, being able to get work done anywhere can be a significant competitive advantage—especially for small and midsize businesses looking to deliver superior customer service compared to larger competitors. Office 365 delivers a familiar, yet powerful user experience across PC, phone, and browser, with experiences intelligently tailored for each platform.

Office 365: Provide productivity resiliency by allowing access to information across the PC, phone, and browser.
  • Get a consistent experience across platforms and devices both online and offline.
  • With Office Client on the desktop, Office 365 users can keep working when even when they experience network issues.

3. Boost productivity and efficiency with an effectively integrated solution

Microsoft has been improving Office productivity applications for decades, and Office 365 is a natural extension of that process. With Office 365, you get everything you love about Microsoft Office, and more. Instant messaging, real-time presence, video conferencing, and more are built right in and accessible from desktop applications or in the web browser.

Office 365 enhances the familiar Office productivity experience with tried and true ways to create, collaborate, and communicate.
  • Users can see real-time presence, calendar availability, and start a web conference from multiple entry points in the Office 365 solution including Outlook, Outlook Web App, Microsoft SharePoint® Online, Microsoft Lync™ Online, and from within Office applications.

4. Get up and running fast with a familiar, straightforward interface

Office 365 mobile, online, and desktop applications share a consistent yet tailored experience to give users instant familiarity across devices and locations. You get the familiar Microsoft Outlook® and Office productivity applications you already use—now powered by and working seamlessly with cloud services. Share a file in Word, Microsoft Excel®, or Microsoft PowerPoint® and just about anybody will be able to use it without thinking twice.

Office 365: Get started right away with the enterprise-recognized products that Office 365 is comprised of.
  • Roll out Office 365 with minimal ramp-up.
  • Mobile access to Office is a streamlined version of the productivity software, offering users a familiar and intuitive Office experience.
  • Be worry-free about whether the last version you last modified captured the changes

Outlook Web Access offers the familiar Outlook UI experience for minimal ramp up

5. Make life easy for customers and partners

Office 365 makes it easy for users to create rich documents that convince customers, preserve ideas, and drive innovation. All that richness is preserved whether documents are edited using Office tools on a desktop computer, a tablet, through a browser, or on a mobile device.

Office 365: Access and edit documents in full fidelity with the confidence that they will look the same from one person to the next.
  • Maintain your professional image by delivering documents in high quality and formats that everyone knows.
  • Trust in knowing that the version you just sent your client or partner looks the way you meant it to look.

6. Reduce IT complexity

Even if you have dedicated IT staff, you still likely need to minimize the amount of time and money you spend managing systems. Office 365 is designed to be easy to administer and manage for most users, and provides the power of trusted business solutions to meet even the most advanced IT needs.

Office 365: Get a system that is easy to manage from day one, yet provides the ability to scale to meet even advanced enterprise IT scenarios.
  •  Know exactly who has access to what data and under which conditions.
  • Benefit from the seamless integration with leading multi-factor authentication systems.
  • Create a professional-looking web site by leveraging templates at no cost to you

Simple permission settings with Office 365